They Eat, They Tweet: 12 Food Tweeps You Should Follow



What with Twitter being all the rage these days, it’s hard not to be a follower, even though Mom told us it was a bad idea because no good comes those who channel their inner lemming. Just the other day, overwhelmed by the relentless tide of incoming tweets rolling down my @jenlikestoeat page, I cleaned out my “following” box, and in the process took stock of my favorite existing tweeps, and added a few new must-reads.

Here’s my list of 12 of today’s tastiest Tweeters. If you aren’t already following them, you probably would enjoy doing so, assuming you give two twits about food. (I know. I’m sorry. I could not help myself.)

They Eat, They Tweet

These publications/authors/recipe resources/food porn pimps have their keyboard fingers on the pulse of the food scene.

NY Times Dining Section: @NYTimesDining

The link intros are not clever or humorous, but they get to the point, distilling the oft-overwhelming volume of food wisdom that is the New  York Times Dining section into digestible, quickly clickable tweetbites.

Culinate: @culinate

Based here in Portland, Culinate dishes up plenty of local bites but also cuts a larger swath across the web, linking you to food news both near and far, articles, cooking tips, interviews, recipes, podcasts, and members’ blog posts.

Foodimentary: @Foodimentary

Winner of Twitter’s @ShortyAwards, Foodimentary sends bits and twits of fun food trivia (“November 25 is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”), facts and reminders (“when baking with glass containers reduce the temp 25 degrees for best results”) and quotes (“I feel about airplanes the way I feel about diets: They are wonderful things for other people to go on.”) to flavor your day.

Epicurious: @Epicurious

While the LA Times called food news, recipe and discussion bible “The Beatles catalog for food people,” their twitter feed is yet another resource for your e-arsenal, with links to everything from turkey primers to event menus to discussions on whether or not to tip the grocery bagger.

Rouxbe: @rouxbe

Dying to go to cooking school but simply don’t have the time, money, or nerve? Try Rouxbe, the Vancouver BC-based, first-ever online cooking school. From classic roast chicken to Mario Batali’s Ragu Bolognese, you’ll be guided through each recipe step by step, assisted with pictures, definitions and technique explanations, and best of all, nobody will scream at you, stab you with a paring knife, or throw hot skillets at your head.

Foodzie: @Foodzie

An online marketplace dedicated to artisan food producers and the people who love them and want to buy their products, Foodzie is a shoe-in for any Portland twitter roll. Watch their tweets to get first dibs on everything from bacon jam to aged raw-milk goat cheese to Gary West’s Whole Hickory Smoked Turkey.

Twecipe: @twecipe

Besides offering interesting links to an array of articles, recipes and videos, Twecipe might be the most fun you can have with three ingredients, and you won’t get so much as one fingernail dirty, since all you have to do is follow Twecipe on Twitter, tweet them three ingredients (ie: chicken, carrots, basil) and they direct message you a corresponding recipe.

Serious Eats: @seriouseats

Billing their blog as “Fresh, hot, delicious food content served up fresh,” Serious Eats links you to said content quickly with tweets that will take you to posts about Macaron Gelato sandwiches, articles about grad students who invent portable tabletops that affix to fire hydrants, and pictures of edible shoes made of bread.

Foodista: @foodista

You can’t help but love Foodista, it’s as fun, light, and effervescent as a seasonal champagne sparkler, the recipe for which it will link you to, along with articles on what to eat while you’re waiting to see the new Twilight New Moon movie (hint: bacon and red velvet cake involved), insider info on celebrity chef Thanksgivings, and fun food facts (original name for an egg coddler was a pipkin), which will come in very handy at foodie trivia night.

Gastrobuzz: @gastrobuzz

If you already follow @thefoodsection, you’ll likely enjoy editor Josh Friedland’s latest project, Gastrobuzz, which tracks the twitter accounts of interesting chefs, journalists, authors, and bloggers and brings the best of their twitter chat straight to you via the Twitter page and lists like GastroBuzz/gastrobuzz.

Food Porn: @foodporn

“Because we all have a little fat guy living inside of us!” exclaims the bio for Food Porn’s Twitter page, which then transcends you into ocular nirvana, linking you to endless pictures of beautiful food paired with editorializing commentary like “You’ll be as round as the pumpkin that went into this bread!” and “The seams of my pants are holding on for dear life!”

Eat Me Daily: @eatmedaily

How can you resist a twitter page that links to video clips demonstrating how to make “The Ham Daiquiri, a violent storm of pig meat and fruit,” posts pictures of strawberry yogurt-glazed Cheetos, and petitions readers for help in creating a “collage of baldness” for a chance to win a copy of Top Chef: The Quickfire Cookbook?

Part two of this post will be a list of top local food Tweeps, let me know if you have any suggestions or wish to nominate yourself, at