Today is My Birthday, now Gimme Some PickleCake!

foodclock2Today is my birthday. I won’t tell you how old I am, because after a certain age, a lady should never tell, unless the Trader Joe’s clerk asks you because you’re buying a case of Blanc de Blancs, which by the way is the best $4.99 bottle of sparkly ever.   

The day is going well. I had a round of La Tur and a small bar of Scharffen Berger bittersweet chocolate (both from Pastaworks) for breakfast, because, it’s my birthday and I can.

 Michelle left me a nice early voice mail, singing an enthusiastic happy birthday song. If I knew how to put audio clips in this blog, I’d share it with you, because it was very unique rendition. 

My mom left a voice mail message wondering aloud for several minutes how it was that I’d come to be so old, and then relating my birthday to her own advancing age. It was rather depressing. Jeez, Mom. 

Shellie gave me a very nice card wishing me a pear-fect birthday and hoping I’d always have good food to eat and write about. Amen!

Rob did a strange little impromptu interpretive birthday dance with a lot of gratuitous booty-shaking.

James looked confused when he saw the Happy Birthday banner but recovered nicely with some fervent well wishes. Then he borrowed my pen to sign my office birthday card with.

Lisa sent the following bittersweet email: I got you the anchovy flavored candy corn (imported white Italian anchovies aged in white balsamic vinegar as a base) pre-chewed by Hugh Jackman per your request- but when Gerard (Butler) came over he was ravished and ate them all in one sitting. Dreadfully sorry, see you tonight.

Erin gave me a preview of my red velvet birthday cupcakes. Boy howdy, I can’t wait for three o’clock (official cake eating meeting, it’s on the calendar)

And dear Mette gave me this exquisite Under the Table clock, which she made herself. Because she is an artistic genius!

It’s the best birthday present a girl could ask for. If you have explored this site, you will recognize the icons. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s nearly half past PickleCake and I must be off to a meeting.