Victory Bar Gets New Menu, Late HH

This just in from the Victory Bar, one of the city’s finest watering holes. I glazed over completely after reading the words “Sausage Spätzle,” but I think the gist is that they’ve updated the menu and added a late night happy hour. In case you weren’t at Wild About Game last weekend, Victory’s Chef Eric Moore, wearing both his trademark flannel and infectious grin, was sous chef for winner Gabe Rucker. Here’s the skinny on Moore’s bacon cheddar poutine and hot sausage po’ boy…

victorybarext2Hello To All,

Our website designer is M.I.A. so you won’t find our new food menu posted on our site…..yet.
But I’ll just mention, SAUSAGE SPATZLE and HOT SAUSAGE PO’ BOY to you now
Early Bird Happy Hour AND Late Night Menu/Happy Hour!
It all starts this week at Victory. Here’s a list of our Happy Hour offerings:


WELL DRINKS (gin&tonic, rum&coke…you get the picture, one liquor, one mixer) $3
local IPA or AMBER PINTS $3.50
Old Germans $1.75
Manhattan or Martini $4
famous “Bourbon Ginger” $5

cheap eats include our hushpuppies, salami plate, and baked spatzle, $5 each

EVERY NIGHT, starting at 11pm, it’s our Late Night Menu & Happy Hour

featuring all the beverages above AND an extended late night food menu….
bread & olives $3
belgian fries $5
baked spatzle $5
hushpuppies $5
also available….
salad $7
bacon cheddar poutine $8
sausage spatzle $10
venison burger $10
hot sausage po’ boy $10

Tough Choices, but you have all Friday workday to decide.
See you at Happy Hour