Waffles and Strawberries

Sometimes you wake up with a craving that demands immediate attention. Today, that craving happened to be waffles and strawberries. Seeing as I was plumb out of syrup and this morbid weather has sucked every ounce of my motivation, I thought I’d see what newish waffle cart Wicked Waffles had to offer.

wickedextWicked Waffles, housed in a fetching vintage travel trailer in the North Station Food Cart at N. Greeley & Killingsworth, is a collaboration between Jeanne Subotnick, the chef behind the Pearl’s beloved Shakers and Country Cork Pub, and her son Matt, to whom their website assigns the title of “waffle prodigy.” It was early when I got to the pod, and most vendors were closed, in various stages of set-up for the day. But Wicked Waffles had hung the open sign at 6:30am, and Matt greeted me with a smile I found astonishingly genuine for someone cooped up in such close proximity to his mother all day. I spent two days in the car with my mother recently on a mini-road tip and it was hard to feel bubbly after popping all that Xanax.


I was thrilled to discover that the daily special was the Strawberry Lemonade –a lemon-poppyseed waffle stuffed with Sauvie Island strawberries, drizzled with strawberry lemon syrup, and adorned with a substantial squirt of fresh whipped cream. Divine.

By the time I was finished, and licking sticky lemony syrup from my finger webs, I only had one thing on my mind–getting my sticky fingers on more strawberry waffles. Since Flavourspot was just down the way on N. Mississippi & Fremont, it seemed like a prudent stop to make on the way home. Lo and behold, the daily special:


My belly thrilled! And what a special this was–the crisp, hot waffle was dripping with dark gooey Nutella and floweth over, cornucopia style, with big fresh just-cut strawberries and of course, whipped cream. Happiness.


It seemed irresponsible to stop now, after all, three’s a charm. So I checked in at Parkers Waffles at SW Hall & 4th. There was no special strawberry-inspired waffle, but the choose-your-own-fruit Yo Fruit would do. Parkers waffles are served flat, so I could see the lovely layers of creamy Nancy’s honey yogurt, smattering of bright red strawberries, and sprinkle of homemade granola atop the golden waffle. Whipped cream was optional, and I optioned for it.


I may be a girl of much appetite, but my stomach is not without limits, and to be honest, I have a bit of a stomache right now. So at the moment, I’m sitting here nursing a soothing cup of Numi Moonlight Spice white tea, asking myself important existential questions like, “What possessed you to get up this morning and drive all around Portland eating massive berry and cream-stuffed waffles?!” and thinking up waffle awards. Here they are:

Best To The Last Bite Waffle: Wicked Waffles was the winner for most pleasurable flavor. I’m attributing this to the contrast of the hot lemony waffle and slightly sour strawberry lemon syrup, the sweet berries, and the cool creamy whipped cream. It was the one waffle I simply couldn’t stop eating until it was all gone.

Best Waffle Porn: Flavourspot. The waffle is delivered dripping with oozy Nutella, spurting strawberries, and gushing cream. It’s gooey, messy, lascivious, the sight of it creates a primal lust within. It’s a sexy waffle. It just is.

Best Almost A Sensible Breakfast Waffle: The Yo Fruit waffle is basically a deconstructed parfait on a waffle–organic yogurt layered with homemade granola and fresh fruit–it practically feels healthy. It probably is, minus the carbs of the waffle, if you give a whit about carbs and I really don’t.

And that concludes my mini strawberry waffle tour. I think I’ll go lie down for a while.