Tour Thailand with Andy Ricker

If you’ve ever wanted to actually eat Thai street food in Thailand, and with Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker no less, here is your chance:


This could be YOU and Andy eating noodles together.

We are now booking spots for our Spring food tour of Chiang Mai and environs, scheduled for mid-April to coincide with Songkran, which is the Thai New Year celebration and Water Festival.

Chiang Mai in April is a great time to visit, despite the fact that it is the hot season there: 1) there are many fruit is season that you cannot get at any other time: I cannot emphasize how awesome this is, minor a reason as it may seem. 2) Though Songkran draws many tourists, it is very much a Thai holiday, with many special events, ceremonies, foods being prepared and most people in a great mood. 3) If you book your ticket in advance, it is a relatively cheap time to fly.

We would like to start on April 8th in the evening, and finish on the 12th in the evening so that participants can go and enjoy the festivities on the streets of Chiang Mai which begin in earnest on the 13th. It is a full 4 day tour, and details can be had by sending us back an email to this address:

Thanks, best, Andy and Sunny