Winner Wednesday: Portland Dining Month

It’s conventional wisdom that good things come in threes–Stooges, Martinis, and Bachelor Fantasy Suite Dates* all spring to mind. But while wonderful, none of those can hold a candle to the grandaddy of all threes–three courses.

portlanddiningmonthWhich is exactly what you get during Portland Dining Monththree delicious courses, at your favorite restaurants, fantasy restaurants, and have-been-meaning-to-try restaurants, all for a mere $25, all June long. More than 60 restaurants are participating, including esteemed eateries like Aviary, Bluehour, Clyde Common, Metrovino, Olympic Provisions, Paley’s Place, The Bent Brick, and Wildwood, some of which you cannot normally enjoy three courses at unless your Mom is paying. (Maybe you should take her out for three courses this month, hmmm?)

So many choice meals are up for grabs, you could eat three courses three times a night if you wanted to, you high roller you–start with the chef’s choice menu at Biwa, then walk down to Clarklewis for fresh ricotta and shaved porcini bruschetta, housemade tagliatelle with SuDan Farm Lamb ragu, and buttermilk panna cotta, and finally, skip over the Morrison to sexy, sky-high Departure for an asparagus avocado salad in ginger-mustard vinaigrette, crispy rock fish with fried garlic and creamy Nouc Cham, and a strawberry rhubarb ginger tart with Thai basil ice cream. May as well have three digestifs while you’re up there, because why not, you’ve earned them. Now that’s a progressive dinner.

You can be spontaneous and just show up unannounced for your three-course extravaganza, or you can book in advance on OpenTable–the nice part about that being that a) you’re guaranteed a three-top, and b) for every reservation booked on OpenTable through the link on the Portland Dining Month website, the Downtown Marketing Initiative will make a donation to the Oregon Food Bank.

I know what you are thinking right about now. You’re thinking how nice it would be to win a $50 gift certificate to Portland Dining Month participants Metrovino or Saucebox, that’s what. Well, how serendipitous that the super nice Portland Dining Month folks have graciously donated one of each of those for some lucky Under The Table reader to win! Just head to the UTT Facebook page and tell us all which of these sublime three-course menus you’re making a beeline for first come June. I’ll randomly pick two winners and announce them in Friday’s Table Scraps newsletter.

So round up your three best friends and start plotting your three daily courses, because June will be here before you know it. Well, in 9 days, if you want to get technical. The square root of which I don’t think I need to point out.

*What’s that? You would like “Bachelor Fantasy Suite Dates” moved to the “BAD things that come in threes” column, next to “blind mice” and “how many times the Bachelor intern has to scrub out the Fantasy Suite hot tub with straight Clorox between dates?” I’ll think about it.