Winner Wednesday: Taste Pinot 365

Historically Wednesdays have only been useful for a) giving us a reason to throw out the underutilized term “Hump Day,” b) kicking off 40 days of breaking Lent resolutions, and c) pretending not to watch American Idol, but as of today they are taking a turn for the better, because every Wednesday on Under The Table, I’ll be including easy-peasy instructions on how to win tickets to one of Portland’s great food and/or drink hoopty-dos.

Winner Wednesday--It's kind of like this.

Winner Wednesday--It's kind of like this.

For a chance to win, you just have to comment on the UTT Facebook page before Friday morning at 9am, then make sure you get Table Scraps (which comes every Friday sometime after 9am), because that’s how I will announce the randomly-selected winner each week.

This week’s winning opportunity? Two tickets to next Thursday’s Taste Pinot 365–a collaboration between 13 top Oregon pinot producers who strongly believe that wine tasting should be as much a part of your daily routine as cruising Justin Bieber videos on YouTube (hence the 365…days a year…get it?). Join them at the Olympic Mills Building, where for a scant $15 you can sample wonderful wines, enjoy great eats by Red Hills Provincial Dining and Olympic Provisions, and plot out your tasting trajectory for the remaining 244 days of 2012.

Win Tickets Here>>

When: Thu. May 10, 6-8pm
Where: Olympic Mills Building, 107 SE Washington St.
How Much: $15, Buy Tickets Here>>