Winner Wednesday: Txakparti!

Sure, vacationing is great, but sometimes it’s excruciating to be out of town when Portland’s having one of its epically entertaining summer weekends. Like, say, this weekend, when I happen to be visiting family in Southern Oregon, which means that while everyone back in PDX will be waking up on Saturday morning all aquiver with the excitement of Cork Bottle Shop’s Txakparti at the Alberta Street Fair, I will be waking up to my mother’s raw chicken-fed giant schnauzer drooling salmonella in my face at 6am. (Not joking.)(Sometimes, “vacationing” is a loosely used term.)

But let’s focus on your Saturday, the super fun, non-pathogenic one, the one where the always highly-anticipated Alberta Street Fair colors Alberta Street beautiful with live music, arts and crafts, and plenty of food booths and carts, while Cork hosts their very own Basque beverage-fueled block party.

txakpartilogobigFrom 12-5pm, Cork is roping off 3,500 square feet of prime Alberta partyspace at 29th Avenue and throwing a wild food and wine fest to help celebrate a couple of quintessential summer sips, Basque country’s Txakolina and Sidra. Taste 12 different wines and ciders by Ameztoi, Uriondo, Arregi, Txomin Etxonis, Mokoroa, Xarmant, Bengoetxe, Gorka Izagirre, Petritegi, Itsastegi and Trabanco paired with six complementary dishes by Aviary, Bar Lolo, Ned Ludd, Tabla, Toro Bravo and Xocolatl de David. Those who dream in foodie also get a side of scintillating restaurant scuttlebutt, as chef Anthony Cafiero, on hand acting as Tabla’s ambassador, feeds the crowd more than just snacks—he’s going to divulge the details of his new tapas bar, Racion. Oh the anticipation!

Tickets to the event, which benefits the Urban Farm Collective and Alberta Main Street, are $25 if you get them ahead of time ($30 at the door), and include all the aforementioned tastings and a commemorative glass, plus, if you want to buy extra glasses, you can hone your porrón pouring skills at the Tx Marks the Spot station. If you aren’t quite sure what a porrón pouring entails, watch this video. When done right, it’s wine poetry in motion. When done wrong, it’s gut-wrenchingly funny. Win-win!

I can’t even stand how fun Txakparti is going to be! I must Buy My Ticket Now!

Since it’s Winner Wednesday and all, Cork’s wonderful wine wizard Darryl Joannides has generously donated two Txakparti tickets for some lucky reader to win. Just pop over to the UTT Facebook page, and divulge your secret summer wine crush. Txakolina? Sidra? Sparkling rosé? Vino Verde? Picpoul de Pinet? Lambrusco? White Zin? (Actually, you should probably keep that last one to yourself.)

At this point, if you haven’t already entered the contest or pushed the Buy My Ticket Now button, I can’t imagine what more you’d want in a Saturday. A salmonella schnauzer beard in your face at dawn? Oh wait, that’s my Saturday. Sob.

MY Saturday

Your salmonella wake up call is here!

Your salmonella wake up call is here!

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