Wonton Wednesday at Tam

tamwontonsoupThis time of year, my SAD is in full force, but since jetting off to Belize wasn’t in the cards, I decided to tear myself away from my favorite winter pastime of staring hopelessly at my rain-spattered office window while weeping softly into my leftover V-day chocolate to have some SAD-fighting edible adventures, like checking out new Tam wonton shop in Sellwood.

Brother/sister duo Ro and Simon Tam opened their eponymous venture a few weeks ago in a courtyard behind sister coffeehouse Either/Or. The dining room is roughly the size of a closet, which I loved, because 1) it’s very cozy, and 2) I am a shameless eavesdropper and could hear every word the table behind me was saying (sadly, what they were saying was boring).



Tam’s menu is simple, with four noodle soups (GF and vegan options included) that range from $6-$7, a side of Asian greens with vegetarian oyster sauce, and the Eight Bowl, a bowl of eight dumplings sans noodles.


When my bowl of shrimp and pork belly wonton noodle soup arrived, all the wontons were hiding under a thick bed of egg noodles, boy choy and scallions, which as Roe explained, is a Hong Kong-style protective measure that keeps them from getting soggy and cold. It’s exciting too, like a wonton treasure hunt.


After coming out of the TAM wonton closet, I paid a visit to Stars antique shop down the way, and found this Redmon picnic basket in mint condition, which further vanquished my SAD, so all in all, I give this edible adventure an A-, only because I wish the eavesdropping had been a little better.


Tam * 8235 SE 13th Ave. * 503.740.1325 * Wed-Sun 11am-8pm * www.facebook.com/tampdx