Your Sweetie Wants a New Pool Boy, I Mean, Cupcakes and Vodka

This Valentine’s Day, I hope you get your sweetie something scintillating, like a younger hotter pool boy/girl, instead of what you were going to get them–flowers made out of fruit. Fruit flowers are so predictable, and they don’t empty the pump basket.

If you don’t have a pool, don’t despair. This week, I’ll be randomly highlighting some great locally-sourced gifts for you to give your Valentine. Why? Because I’m nice. And because I want my sweetie to get these for ME for Valentine’s Day and nothing says “I hope you get me this” like sending him a link to a posting about neat-o Jen-approved gift ideas.

And without further ado, here are my first two picks for What To Get Me Your Sweetie for Valentine’s Day.

distillerytourWhen I’m feeling blue, or my sweet tooth is throbbing, I like to walk into Saint Cupcake, take a deep breath, and dream about winning the lottery and buying 5o,000 toasted coconut cream dots (no wait, I just won the lottery, let’s make those regular-sized toasted coconut cream cupcakes!) and building a house out of them and living in it until I’m evicted by ants, sugar gypsies, or the Health Department. You too? Wild!

I’m sure you knew that Saint Cupcake has a unique singing cupcake telegram program that has actually brought past recipients to tears (click here), and that they deliver or ship their wicked-good cupcakes pretty much everywhere but France and Mars, but did you know they are also joining Artisan Spirits, Highball Distillery, House Spirits, Integrity Spirits, New Deal, The Farm Cafe, Montage, and Missionary Chocolates this weekend for A Valentine’s Distillery Tour? Well, they are.

Maybe your sweetie would like to go on what promises to be a fantastic and unique–if perhaps difficult to remember–V-Day date, after they stop wiping their eyes over that damn Beatles song. Sniff. What are you looking at, can’t a girl get emotional over a few cupcakes and There Are Places I Remember?!