Hearing from readers makes my day!

I love to get letters. Don’t you think we should all send and receive more letters? It’s a lost art. I saw a girl sipping cappuccino and leisurely reading a letter at Pix Patisserie the other day and she looked so happy. It was a real letter too, written in cursive on lined notebook paper and folded crookedly and everything. I was a little jealous, I’ll admit. You can send me letters and other things in envelopes at:

Under the Table
PO Box 4081
Portland, OR 97208

I love to get email too. It gives me something to read on my iPhone during long, boring bus rides. I promise to try and respond anywhere between 24 seconds and 24 hours, depending on when I finish dinner/work/the chocolate éclair I’m eating right now. Email me at: jen@underthetablewithjen.com

I look forward to hearing from you!


Please feel free to send me any and all of the following: