quinchocolatewallsquareThe sweet younger sibling of master sugar mama Jami Curl’s Saint Cupcake brethren, this closet o’ candy is tucked into the middle of downtown’s Union Way, where its dark wood shelves showcase Curl’s painstakingly cultivated confection collection–sparkling blackberry tangerine and smoked cola gummidrops, puckery cherry sour supremes, soft caramels infused with Steven Smith chai tea or studded with popcorn, jars of “Sniffle Slayer” lollipops, loops of “Marshallow By The Foot” made with Water Avenue Coffee and Oregon strawberries, and bright, fruity Dreams Come Chews (Curl’s take on that old candy aisle favorite, Starburst). As if that weren’t enough, half the shop’s a wall of chocolate, bearing artisan brands like Sweeteeth, Askinosie, Dick Taylor, Mast Brothers, and Fine & Raw, plus local favorites like Woodblock.