tastebudThere are certain things I’ve come to expect when visiting the PSU Portland Farmer’s Market. 1. I will be bowled over by the sheer beauty and bounty of the market, every single time. 2. My foot will be trampled on at least twice and I’ll catch an elbow to the ribs at least once, usually while picking out mushrooms. 3. I’ll end up on a bench in the plaza watching a bluegrass band, sinking my teeth into a chewy, slightly smoky wood-fired Tastebud bagel. 4. I will spend the rest of the morning unwittingly beaming at cute farmers with poppyseeds in my teeth. Oh well, it’s always worth it. Although the farmers’ market is my favorite spot to get a Tastebud bagel, nowadays there are lots of places to find them, like New Seasons, Pastaworks, and the Woodsman Market.