Angel Face

angelfacecollageA sultry French mistress for neighboring Navarre restaurant, this beautiful little bar is a sexy spot for late night lingering when making the 28th Avenue Restaurant Row rounds. At first glance you’ll want to compliment the proprietor’s taste in upscale wallpaper, but look closer–all those flowers were laboriously hand-painted right onto the peachy pink walls. The wine list is short and sweet, the spirits list long and serious, and don’t bother asking for a cocktail menu, in the interest of maintaining Portland quirk credentials, there isn’t one, you just tell ace bartenders Kelley Swenson or Tim Davey your drinking whim and they’ll concoct something on the spot. Bites are simple and elegant–start with raw oysters, nibble a flawless salad Niçoise, and most definitely explore the egg meurette, a poached egg swimming in the richest of red wine sauces.