Bushel & Peck Bakeshop

bushelandpeckbucklesquareBeing more of a future-focused gal myself (it just seems efficient to spend one’s second breakfast planning the day’s lunches and dinners instead of reading the back of the Prosecco bottle!), the closest I come to “modern nostalgic” is a good ModCloth.com browse now and then, but Bushel & Peck owner/baker Amanda Felt, formerly of Black Sheep Bakery, has applied the concept to pastry, and behold–the ordinary muffin is transformed Cinderella-style into a blueberry sour cream version with lavender sugar, scones get glammed up with strawberries and chamomile, snickerdoodles are kissed with cardamom, and the humble buckle is reborn in pumpkin bourbon chocolate splendor. This, I can get behind.