Hazel Room

Cozy can take you far in rain-besieged Portland, and this Sunnyside tea lounge has cozy to spare. Sharing a vintage bungalow on SE Hawthorne with eclectic boutique Mag-Big, The Hazel Room serves up more than 30 Townshend’s teas (straight or booze-infused) by the fireplace, as well as locally-sourced coffee, wine, beer, cordials and absinthe, along with an array of elegant salads, soups and sandwiches like the four-mustard egg salad, tamarind pork, and citrus-spiced cucumber with herbed cream cheese.

Cozy can take you far in rain-besieged Portland, and this Sunnyside tea lounge has cozy to spare.

Even if you and your sweet tooth are currently quarreling, don’t pass on the homemade rainbow cookie, sea salted chocolate chip cookie, or housemade ice creams for dessert. Seriously, don’t. And on weekends, completely bypass the brunch lines clogging the rest of Southeast and step right up to an open table, an ice-cold Bloody Gina or Aquavit-spiked Bloody Helga, a piece of spiced coffeecake, and a hot skillet of baked eggs with fennel and bacon accompanied by a flaky little buttermilk scone. Plus homemade cookies for dessert, don’t forget those.


Cuisine: New American

Atmosphere: Quaint and cozy tea lounge with a fireplace, mismatched furniture, vintage odds and ends, and rotating local art, ideal for unwinding with a cup or tea or meeting your book club for a light lunch

Outdoor seating: A couple of tables on a cute front patio overlooking Hawthorne Blvd

Best Seat: Table by the fireplace, but they are all cute

Noise Level: Quiet to Normal depending on occupancy

Dress Code: Casual

Bring the Kids: Yes

Bathrooms: Go out the door by the register, through the hall, and into the back room of Mag Big, they share the bathroom

Parking: Street parking is free and generally easy to find

Cocktails: Full bar and a list of inventive tea cocktails, brunch cocktails, coffee cocktails, and absinthe

Beer: 8 beers and hard ciders, $3.50-$4

Wine: Handful of red, white and dessert wines by the glass $5-$7

Teetotalers: Craft sodas, juice

Coffee: Trailhead Coffee

Tea: 30+ varieties of Townshend’s Teas

Ideal Meal: Tamarind pulled pork & baked eggs skillet, bacon & marionberry jam biscuit sandwich, beet salad, egg salad sandwich, soup of the day, Bloody Helga, 5 buttermilk cheese scones, two sea salt chocolate chip cookies, one rainbow cookie

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes

Vegan Friendly: Many vegan items, clearly marked

Gluten Free: Many GF options, clearly marked

Good for the following occasions: Tea Time, Downton Abbey Fan Club Meetups, Lunch With Friends, Brunch Date, Dining Solo

Reservations: No

Take-Out: Yes

Delivery: No

Wi-Fi: Free