Jade Teahouse

Jade is not the contemplative nest of tranquility that might come to mind when one thinks “teahouse.” It is an aesthetic win, blessed with copious amounts of natural lighting and a tidy bamboo-fringed patio, and it’s a lively meeting place for all manner of local folk—toned Lycra short pants-wearing patrons of the nearby Sellwood Yoga studio having heart-to-hearts over prawn and pork-stuffed lettuce rolls, Eastmoreland Ladies Who Lunch taking an exotic grilled tofu salad-fueled minibreak from their routine country club meet-ups, and stay-at-home moms and dads sharing platefuls of stir-fried rice noodles with towheaded pixies in pink cowboys boots whose swinging feet don’t quite reach the warm wood floors.

Revolving shelves of tea stretch to the ceiling; tell the staff what mood you’re in and they’ll recommend a (legal) herbal remedy.

Flanked by the antique stores, coffee shops, boutiques and food carts that shape this charming stretch of SE 13th Avenue, Jade Teahouse serves a one-page menu of Vietnamese favorites to a long, squiggly line of fans that stretches all the way to the door a few minutes after opening. In harmony with the small-town feel of the neighborhood, Jade’s a true family affair—owner April Eklund convinced her mother Cuong to come out of retirement to (wo)man the kitchen, and her father runs the register, congenially chatting with regulars, patiently discussing the merits of chicken verses shrimp with first-timers, and encouraging everyone to indulge in a little something sweet from the well-stocked pastry case. Behind him, revolving shelves of tea stretch to the ceiling; tell him what mood you’re in and he’ll recommend a (legal) herbal remedy.


Cuisine: Vietnamese

Executive Chef: Lucy Eklund

Owner: April Eklund

Atmosphere: Warm, lively, and very popular neighborhood meeting place with tons of natural light, cozy nooks, and a breezy side patio

Outdoor seating: Yes, a lovely patio

Best Seat: Patio in fair weather, table by the window otherwise

Noise Level: Boisterous when full, and it's almost always full, but you can still have a normal conversation

Dress Code: Casual

Bring the Kids: Yes, they'll love the green cake

Bathrooms: In the back, past the kitchen

Parking: Street parking is free and generally easy to find

Cocktails: No

Beer: Yes

Wine: Yes

Teetotalers: Kombucha, drinking vinegars, strawberry lemonade, passion fruit juice, bottled sodas

Coffee: Thai iced coffee, Vietnamese iced coffee, Courier Coffee (French press)

Tea: Iced tea, Thai iced tea, and signature house blends for hot tea by the cup and pot

Ideal Meal: Shrimp salad rolls, tapioca dumplings, Chiang Mai noodles, chili noodles, beef salad, Vietnamese meatball banh mi, basil eggplant, green cake

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes

Vegan Friendly: Yes, at least half dishes can be made vegan or vegetarian on request

Gluten Free: Yes, most of the menu is GF

Good for the following occasions: Tea With a Friend, Lunch With Your Book Club, Mother-Daughter Day

Reservations: No

Take-Out: Yes

Delivery: No