Pine State Biscuits

There is one thing I find as painful as getting a rabies shot (don’t ask), and that is waiting in line at the Pine State Biscuits stand at Portland Farmer’s Market for 37 minutes and then having them tell me they sold the very last biscuit to the person in front of me.

Now, you can circumvent the long line at the market and 2nd degree assault & biscuit theft charges altogether by visiting Pine State’s charming little cafe on SE Belmont, where you can get all their biscuity favorites.

Once upon a time, you had no recourse for this situation other than stalking one of the few lucky people left still waiting for their biscuit, then bopping them over the head with a butternut squash and taking what was unrightfully yours, but that was messy, immoral, and illegal.

Now, you can circumvent the long line at the farmer’s market/2nd degree assault and biscuit theft charges altogether by visiting Pine State’s NE Alberta cafe, where you can get all their biscuity favorites like The Regina–eggs over easy with braised greens on a big fluffy biscuit, doused with “the South’s number one hot sauce”–Texas Pete, and the famous (as in, it was in Oprah Magazine-famous) Reggie Deluxe–a huge piece of crispy fried chicken, bacon, cheese and a fried egg all stacked on a biscuit and slathered in gravy.

biscuit-jam-and-cocoa-illustrationDon’t forget a side of golden brown ham-studded hash ups, and maybe a slice of pecan pie while you’re there, and remember, Pine State is the exclusive purveyor of Xocolatl de David’s Champ’s Gourmet Chocolate Milk–just the thing to go with your summer strawberry shortcake. And although you may be in a food coma for hours after leaving Pine State, you and your butternut squash will have a satisfied smile and a clean conscience.


Cuisine: American

Executive Chef: Walt Alexander, Kevin Atchley, and Brian Snyder

Atmosphere: Cheery, cozy, down-home little cafes with a friendly staff, a big kitchen, a small dining room, and chocolate milk mustaches aplenty

Outdoor seating: A big beautiful patio

Best Seat: On the patio

Noise Level: Normal to Boisterous

Dress Code: Casual

Bring the Kids: Yes

Parking: Street parking is free and relatively easy to find at both locations

Cocktails: No

Beer: No

Wine: No

Teetotalers: Cheerwine, BubbleUp, NuGrape, fresh squeezed OJ, The Champ's Chocolate Milk

Coffee: Stumptown

Tea: Sweet tea

Ideal Meal: Biscuit with choice of country ham, egg and cheddar, hash browns with chopped country ham and mushrooms, and a glass of The Champ's Gourmet Chocolate Milk

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes

Good for the following occasions: Breakfast, Out With Friends, Kids Included, Biscuit Cravings

Reservations: No

Take-Out: Yes

Delivery: No