Crafting authentic Thai food at home generally involves a slew of pricey exotic ingredients, a crate of Singha, fish sauce in your eyes, and a whole lot of swearing, so if you just aren’t in the mood, head to this funky little pink facade-fronted offshoot of popular PaaDee restaurant. Since it’s part noodle bar, part market, you can consume a hot bowl of khao soi gai and a Thai iced tea with lime, then shop the impeccable selection of affordable Thai foodstuffs, then return home and con your significant other into making homemade gaeng hung lay. Well done.


Cuisine: Thai

Executive Chef: Ning Purnabimba

Owner: Earl Ninsom

Atmosphere: Small, funky Thai restaurant and market (cooking ingredients, soap, books, etc), sweet service and a laid back neighborhood crowd; it's so easy to eat here it quickly becomes a habit

Outdoor seating: No

Best Seat: Corner table in the window

Dress Code: Casual

Bring the Kids: No

Parking: Street parking is free and generally easy to find

Cocktails: No

Beer: Yes

Wine: Yes

Teetotalers: Sodas and juices

Tea: Thai iced tea, iced green tea, hot Thai tea, chrysanthemum tea

Ideal Meal: Pork buns, papaya salad, pad kee mao, khao soi gai, gaeng oam, pork noodle soup, chicken stew, mango sticky rice

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes

Good for the following occasions: Lunch With Friends, Casual Dinner, Casual Date Night, Casual Noodle Night, Midnight Snack (Fridays and Saturdays)

Catering: Yes, call 503.234.4102 for details

Reservations: No

Take-Out: Yes

Delivery: No

Catering: Yes, call 503.234.4102 for details