6th Annual Lupine Pasture Walk


Celebrate the rare blooming of the endangered Lupine flower in its natural habitat with a walk through the Mallonee Farms pastures

Curtis, Wash., May 10, 2012 – Appreciating and raising awareness for the preservation of the Kincaid’s Lupine, an endangered species of wildflower, Mallonee Farms organic dairy will hold the 6th annual Lupine Pasture Walk on their family farm in Curtis, Wash., on June 16 beginning at 11 a.m. At this free public event, visitors are welcome to stroll the grounds and see Washington’s largest grouping of endangered Kincaid’s Lupine while learning how this species of wildflower has made an unforeseen resurgence over the last decade.

The Mallonee family, members of the farmer-owned Organic Valley cooperative, has partnered with the State of Washington to sustainably manage and preserve the pastures where the Lupine thrives. Located 40 miles south of Olympia in Lewis County, the Mallonee Farms’ pastures are home to the largest concentration of rare Kincaid’s Lupine in the state of Washington. The untouched, high-quality soil on Mallonee’s land provides an ideal environment for this scarce wildflower. What few people realize is that preserving the Lupine also protects the equally endangered Fender’s Blue Butterfly, which is now also prominent on the grounds of Mallonee Farms. For this reason, the state of Washington has declared Mallonee Farms a critical habitat.

This educational event is kid-friendly and perfect for families, wildflower aficionados and cyclists alike. Attendees can observe fields of this delicate plant in its natural habitat, surrounded by other rare blooming wildflowers, discover how a commitment to sustainable pasture management has helped the Mallonees reduce the carbon footprint of their organic dairy operation, and get the real dirt on what makes organic farms thrive – healthy soil!

Managed by John, Mary and Maynard Mallonee, Mallonee Farms runs much like it did when Maynard’s great-grandparents first settled in Curtis. The Mallonees have not plowed the ground in over 20 years and continue to steer clear of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This family farm is currently run by three generations of Mallonees: Maynard and his wife Kim, their three children, and Maynard’s parents. With about 60 milking cows on their lush land, Mallonee Farms has been a proud owner of Organic Valley since 2004, and their commitment to sustainable pasture management has considerably reduced the carbon footprint of their organic dairy operation.

For more information about Mallonee Farms and to RSVP to the 6th annual Lupine Pasture Walk, please email maynard@malloneefarms.com, call (360) 245-3733, or visit http://malloneefarms.com/

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