7th Annual Eat Mobile

Eat Mobile, part food festival, part cart competition, allows attendees to sample from more than 30 of Willamette Week’s favorite food carts as vendors compete for the coveted Carty Award. Now in its seventh year, Willamette Week will present Eat Mobile on April 27 in partnership with OMSI.

Eat Mobile showcases the food and people that make Portland’s food scene so unique. Eat Mobile 2014, now happening on a Sunday instead of a Saturday, will feature shorter lines and fewer overall tickets sold, meaning more samples for YOU. Willamette Week and OMSI will once again work to create a more sustainable event by incorporating solar generators and waste-composting facilities.

Date: April 27, 2014
Cost: $50 Pre-Tasting; $30 General Admission (Tickets on sale April 2)
Located at: OMSI’s north parking lotTime: 2:30-6pm (pre-tasting 1-2:30pm)
Access: All ages