Ambonnay + Din Din Champagne Supper

Ambonnay’s David Speer is pleased to join forces with Din Din Supper Club’s Courtney Sproule for a 4-course Champagne dinner on Friday, July 20th. This dinner party is intended to be fun, eclectic, delicious and of course bubbly! Speer and Sproule aim to demonstrate that Champagne can hold up to a lot more than oysters so expect the unexpected when it comes to pairings. The dinner will be held at Speer’s Red Slate Wine Company, across the hall from Ambonnay, and will convince any doubters that Champagne can be an everyday treat. Space is limited so please call Ambonnay to reserve your spot.

What: Ambonnay Meets Din Din Champagne Dinner
Where: Red Slate Wine Company, 107 SE Washington Street
When: Friday, July 20th at 7pm
Cost: $120 for a 4-course dinner with Champagne pairings (includes gratuity)
Book It: Space is limited so please call Ambonnay to make reservations 503.575.4861