Brewing Up Cocktails

brewing up cocktailsOn Saturday July 17th, from 3-7pm at The Hop and Vine, The New School blog is hosting an event called ‘Brewing Up Cocktails’ with writer, mixologist, and Oregon ambassador for Bols Genever, Jacob Grier. In this event we hope to open the eyes of beer drinkers to the magic of spirits and liquor lovers to the complexities of craft beer. By blending the two some unique creations can be made that go beyond anything you can experience in either drink alone.

On the menu is:
Cascadian Revolution:
A cocktail spin on the emerging style Cascadian Dark Ale it uses Deschutes Hop in the Dark CDA, Douglas Fir eau de vie from Clear Creek Distillery, a dash of Grand Marnier shaken together and strained into a martini glass and then topped with a drop of pure Hop Oil!

Dutch Devil:
A strong drink adapted from Stephen Beaumont’s Green Devil: First an absinthe rinse of the chosen glass is required, then a shot of Bols Genever, and finally topped with a bottle of Duvel Belgian Golden Ale. It makes for a strong, complex, and kick ass cocktail.

Unnamed Upright Brewing cocktail:
Made with an exclusive Upright Brewing beer, Hungarian Oak Aged Upright Four with Yarrow flowers and Rose Petals…

Brewer’s Bramble:
The perfect summertime drink based around sour ale, Damrak gin, and blackberry liqueur.