CellarFest 2 at Bailey’s Taproom

From the Bailey’s Taproom website

CellarFest 2: Return to the Basement

baileystaproomThis Saturday, January 22nd, from 4pm to midnight, we’re re-opening the cellar and letting you guys experience a few surprises we’ve been saving all year.

For those who missed last year’s CellarFest, the gist is this: high octane, rare beers from the West Coast’s (and one East Coast’s) best microbreweries. This year’s list is an all-star lineup of some of the very best brews of the last 3-4 years with a little age on them to allow the alcohol burn to mellow a little and the subtle flavors hidden beneath to emerge. If you haven’t seen the full rundown yet, here’s what you can expect to knock back this Saturday:

Alameda ’09 Papa Noels
Barley Brown’s ’10 Havoc Imperial Stout
Beer Valley ’08 Black Flag
Bend ’09 Cherry Baltic Porter
Block 15 ’09 Pappy’s Dark
Butte Creek ’07 Train Wreck
Cascade ’09 Frost Killer
Dogfish Head ’09 120 Minute
Fish ’09 10 Squared
Fort George ’09 Cavatica Stout
Golden Valley ’09 Black Panther
He’Brew ’08 Jewbelation 12
Lagunitas ’08 Brown Shugga’
Lompoc ’08 Old Tavern Rat
Mad River ’08 John Barleycorn
North Coast ’08 Old Stock
Roots ’08 Festivus
Sierra Nevada ’08 Bigfoot
Stone ’08 Double Bastard

As usual, we’ll be running CellarFest like our other festivals: $15 cash at the door, which includes a souvenir glass (pictured below) and five tokens. Each additional token will cost just $1 each, and every beer available at the fest costs just one token per pour.

Now, without further ado, the CellarFest 2011 glass!