Din Din Mini Supper

From the din din newsletter:
dindinminiDIN DIN MINI

Last summer we debuted din mini, a meal of many tiny dishes at a table of gargantuan proportions. We decided to make it a keeper!

This year, we’ll be at Disjecta. Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center provides essential resources for artists to create and exhibit new work. Disjecta extends beyond the arts as a cultural facility where ideas, dialogue, creativity, and diversity flourish, and they’ve welcomed din din to join in!

Their giant domed gallery sits below exposed beams set in a very handsome geometry. We’ll be under this arc at an epically long table alone in the room and set with centerpieces that reach for the beams and tablewares befitting a nymph.

This is a sketch of the mini menu, which will be paired with “miniature” spirits, wine, and coffee:

ground cherry mousse on Vin Santo biscotti with dressed corn shoot
soft-boiled quail egg with pain d’épices, Steelhead caviar, and pea tendril
fried Oly oysters with green tomato & yellow Chartreuse aoili

baby turnip soup with Nyons olive pear salad

manilla clams in bronze fennel tomato water with angel hair zucchini and Thai basil cream

micro parsley & white tea sorbet on pink apple

brown butter cauliflower floret with winter savory béarnaise
celery fennel salad with dill seed and aged white balsamic vinegar
kohlrabi chestnut custard with goat’s milk and tarragon

Star Crimson pear & Persian Star garlic veal roulade with beurre Dubonnet
lamb Sauternes gelée with huckleberry and porcini
milk and Lillet-braised suckling pig with fried dwarf sage

dressed mini greens: cilantro, carrot, & cress

pigmy goat cheesecake on Petite Champagne Cognac-soaked walnut genoise with oven-roasted grap

din mini
at Disjecta, 8371 N Interstate
Friday, November 18th at 7pm
$80 + gratuity for eight courses and wine, spirits, and coffee pairings
Make your reservation with Courtney at 971-544-1350 or courtney@dindinportland.com
We hope you can join us!

–courtney & din din