Killingsworth’s St. Patty’s Crawl

Straight from the Saraveza newsletter:

Celebrate the luck of the Irish and hit up Killingsworth’s finest! A token buys you green beer, wine or housemade yummy soup at Saraveza. You can also turn your tokens in at the Red Fox (Irish Stew, St. Patty’s Drink Special), Ducketts Public House (Well Cocktail, Draft Beer, Appetizer), Eddie’s Flat Iron Pizza (Draft Beer, Slice of Pizza, House Salad), Hop & Vine (Paddy’s Girl Shot, Guinness, Irish Sausage Roll), Beaterville Bar (Green Salad, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Draft Beer), Sagittarius (Chips & Salsa, Draft Beer, Well Cocktail) or Yorgo’s (Hummus Plate, Draft Beer, Well Cocktail).

Purchase your tokens now (or on St Patty’s!) at Saraveza or the Hop & Vine. 5 tokens/$18 or 10 tokens/$30. Killingsworth Crawl Map w/ redeemable items included.