Maialata: The Festival of the Pig at Montinore

In the mountain towns of Northern Italy, winter brings more than frost on the hillsides and a fire in the hearth. Two weeks after the first full moon of the new year, farmers and friends come together for the Maialata. An age-old Italian celebration of the pig – “maiale” is Italian for pork – the feast is steeped in peasant traditions in accordance with folklore and biodynamic practices. All day the community would work together to butcher and prepare the local pigs, all night they would feast on the bounty of their labor.

In honor of this tradition Nostrana Chef and Owner Cathy Whims is partnering with us to bring the Italian festival of the pig to Oregon. Friends and pork aficionados John Taboada (Luce, Navarre), Jason French (Ned Ludd), and Fred Carlo (Salumeria di Carlo) will come together at Montinore Estate on February 10th to create an experience normally reserved for farmers, butchers, and Italian villagers.

Winter months afford the natural refrigeration necessary to process an entire 500 pound animal into sausages, salumi, prosciutti, steaks, ribs, behemoth roasts, and ragus. Cathy, owner Rudy Marchesi and friends invite diners to participate in the entire process: stuffing sausage and making ravioli alongside some of Portland’s best chefs while enjoying hand crafted cheese, charcuterie, and wine. Once we have prepared our meal, side by side, we will then gather in the wine cellar to indulge in a six-course feast – the product of the days lessons and labors – accompanied by Montinore’s wines, of course.

When: Sunday, February 10th at noon
Where: Montinore Estate, 3663 Southwest Dilley Road, Forest Grove, OR 97116
Who: Cathy Whims, Rudy Marchesi, Jason French, John Taboada, Fred Carlo and you.
Cost: $95. Includes hands-on learning in butchering, sausage making, charcuterie, and all things pork.
How: For a place at the feast, contact us at (503) 359-5012.