MasalaNW Chicken Vindaloo Dinner at CorksCru

From the CorksCru newsletter:

One of the benefits of being located right next door to Kitchen Cru is getting introduced to folks that might otherwise be operating under the radar. The bevy of aromas and activities that go on back there every day is mind boggling, but its unmistakable when one cuisine is getting prepped–Indian. I’ve come to really love those days.

So, when Sophie Rahman, the mind behind MasalaNW, came to me a month or so ago about doing a traditional supper for CorksCru customers, I jumped. Sophie has been conducting cooking classes and talks about Indian food and culture at Kitchen Cru for the last 6 months. I like her style. Very studious, very clear, very warm. It all adds up quite nicely.

Sophie proposed to me a traditional Vindaloo, a Portugese-inspired dish from the Goa region that is the perfect intro to the fulfilling foods of this diverse region. Here is her description:

Chicken Vindaloo Dinner

One of my students described the popular Indian dish, Vindaloo, as a ‘food-group’. The name is derived from the Portuguese words vinho (wine) and alhos (garlic), created by the Portuguese who ruled the western state of Goa for over 400 years.

A dish traditionally made using pork, is also made with chicken which is marinated in a sauce made from a dazzling array of freshly roasted spices and slowly simmered till the meat is moist and tender.

This is served on a bed of fragrant basmati rice accompanied with a side of crunchy stir-fried cabbage, tossed with black mustard seeds and freshly grated coconut along with a cooling cucumber yogurt raita which tempers the fiery flavors of the Vindaloo.

Hungry yet?

This dinner will coincide nicely with a tasting from our selection of newly arrived rosé. We’re thinking 3 or 4 to taste and whet your palate, then off to the dining room for a Vindaloo dinner service–low key of course–and a glass of a special red or white wine.

Cost: just $29 per person. That includes a wine tasting, dinnner, service… the whole deal. Pretty solid.

By the glass (for only $8 each) with your dinner we’ll feature two nice bottles: A totally “off the hook” Sancerre from Vincent Pinard called “Nuance”, and a nicely-aged (appropriate) Portugese red from a winery called Mouchao, from the 2003 vintage (!). Nice way to try $40+ retail bottles without making a big commitment.

Reservations are required. You can make yours simply by replying to this email with your name, number attending, and a phone number. We’ll open at 5pm for wine tasting, and begin seating for dinner at 5:30. Service will continue until 8pm for seating. You could come anytime in that window, at your liesure.

Or, just give us a jingle at (503) 226-9463. Gather some friends, colleagues or family and join us next Friday for a meal of traditional Vindaloo.