NW Reds Tasting at Newly Relocated Vino

vinoextVino wine shop owner and blogger Bruce Bauer will hold his first tasting in his new SE 28th Avenue digs tonight. I’ll let him explain:

“It is an understatement to say I am excited for the opportunity to create something new over here on SE 28th & Ash. Grateful to my past, stoked for the future, and now I finally get to show all of you the latest change to come into my world. The Friday evening drought will come to a glorious, delicious end with a tasting of killer northwest reds. A few new releases of old VINO faves, and a slew of new juice that will rock your palates. It is going to feel so good to get things back on track and get back in touch with so many of you, and to be able to show off the “new” VINO is truly icing on my cake. So with that, here’s your incentive….

* 2008 BRUNO Cotes du Bruneaux “Columbia Valley”…remember last year’s bottle of goodness that we blew through 100 cases of? This may even top that!

* 2008 GUILD WINEMAKERS Red Wine Lot #1 “Columbia Valley”…the Guild is not some secretive cult, but a semi-secret group of local winemakers whose koolaid I will gladly drink.

* 2006 A TO Z Chemin de Terre….remember when I was hyping this in store a little over a year ago? The NY Times finally got clued in, and last week chose it as among their top 4 red wines from anywhere in the world as the best Thanksgiving sippers. To which I can smartly reply: “Duh!”

* 2008 TAMARACK CELLARS Firehouse Red…blending goodness from Walla Walla.

* 2008 ARBOR CREST Cabernet Sauvignon “Five Vineyards”…Arbor Crest just got huge props from the Wine Advocate (incl. 90 pts for this beauty) who reported “if I was forced to name a single Washington winery offering the best value across the entire range of their portfolio, it might be Arbor Crest!”

And then we’re going to roll out the heavy artillery with three bounteous bonus pours…

* 2009 OWEN ROE Sinister Hand…Guess what? It’s delicious….again!

* 2008 MAISON BLEUE Syrah “La Roque”…. 90 points from the Wine Advocate, and this tidbit: “Maison Bleue may be the most compelling new producer uncovered in my latest trip to Washington!”

* 2007 EFESTE Cabernet Sauvignon “Big Papa”…considering my current situation how can I say no to a wine called “Big Papa”? Especially when it got 93 Wine Spectator and 91 Advocate points?!

Now, just because I have these “swanky” new digs (okay, not so swanky…but pretty cool) doesn’t mean the cost of your tasting treats goes up. The same $10 charge for the first five wines still applies, with the usual nominal bonus charge. Beginning at 4:30 and going to 8:00 we’ll be back in the game. You can drop in anytime, and as always bring your cheese and other snacks to enhance your pleasure even more. I absolutely hope to see you here tomorrow!

And you know we’re still going to roll out the FREE wine slurping every Saturday to make your weekends complete. From 11:00am to 6:30pm there will be plenty to titillate your tastebuds while you peruse the new goodness bursting from our shelves here at VINO. This Saturday, you will assuredly want to get your share of these….
* 2005 ANZIVINO Nebbiolo…a great $15 nebbiolo that is drinking perfectly!
* 2005 CHATEAU GAUTOUL Cahors….speaking of drinking perfectly, this malbec is right there.
* 2009 MAS DEL METS Montsant…$7.95 and this good?
* 2009 WALDSCHUTZ Gruner Veltliner…a full liter of Austrian freshness!