Slow Food Portland CSA Dinner

csabountyOver the past few decades Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) has provided eaters with a delicious way to sustain local farms by purchasing weekly produce shares in advance. More recently, the traditional CSA model has grown to support other community-oriented and sourced products and services. Slow Food Portland has assembled a panel of representatives from both old and new “CSA” ventures to explore the advantages and limitations of this structure. Audience members will learn how they, too, can connect with CSA’s in all their formats, and will see how the CSA is changing the face of community today.

Along with the panel discussion, attendees will enjoy a three-course, family-style vegetarian feast, courtesy of Salt Fire & Time.

Panelists include:

* Peter Hayes of Hyla Woods, representing a Community Connected Forest (or CCF)
* Josh Volk of Slow Hand Farm shares the perspective a traditional, produce-based CSA.
* Chris Rohem of Square Peg Farm, who runs a Community- Supported Agriculture program focused on hogs.
* Tressa Yellig of Salt Fire & Time speaking about the Community Supported Kitchen (or CSK)
* Eike Ten Kley of Iliamna Wild Red Salmon who runs a salmon-based CSA

CSA stalwart Laura Masterson, of 47th Avenue Farm, will moderate the panel.

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