St. Patrick’s Day Specials

Courtesy of Little Green Pickle PR

This St. Patrick’s Day, Portland establishments Besaw’s, Ned Ludd, Bowery Bagels, Kerns Kitchen and Little T are celebrating the holiday with updated spins on Irish fare. No matter your interests, expect a day of festivity and fun with cocktails at Besaw’s and Kerns Kitchen, a green Matcha Latte at Little T Bakers, or a fresh take on corned beef at Bowery Bagels and Ned Ludd’s Pizza Monday pop-up.

Join Besaw’s this St. Patrick’s Day and say sláinte! The classic Northwest eatery will be serving two special cocktails: the Irish Twins and Ye Olde Tonic. The Irish Twins mixes Baileys Irish cream, 2 Gingers Irish whiskey and Water Avenue coffee topped with whipped cream, and the Ye Olde Tonic combines bubbles with an apple spinach tonic. Besaw’s will be open for breakfast and lunch on March 17th from 7am-3pm.

As St. Patrick’s Day falls on Ned Ludd’s hip hop infused pop-up, Pizza Monday, the wood fired restaurant will toss pizzas with a nod to the Emerald Isle topped with corned beef, Guinness mustard sauce, lightly pickled cabbage and Swiss cheese. Partake in the revelry at Ned Ludd on Monday, March 17th from 5pm to close for 12” pizzas, farm fresh salads, and a full list of wines, beers, and other libations.

For a hearty taste of Ireland via New York-style bagels stop by Bowery Bagels, Portland’s best kosher bagel bakery. On March 17th, Bowery Bagels will serve house cured corned beef on a light rye bagel from 7am-2pm.

Northeast’s Kerns Kitchen will be pouring pints of Celtic Punch and serving spuds for St. Patty’s this year. The original cocktail is a fruity blend of mango, lemon, bitters and Irish Whiskey and is paired with cornmeal crusted potato wedges straight out of the brick oven. Stop by Kerns Kitchen on March 17th between 8am-9pm.

Portland’s favorite neighborhood bakery, Little T, serves a green Matcha Latte, matcha tea steamed with milk, for a tea lover’s dream. Earthy matcha is balanced with creamy milk for a slightly sweet tea treat at the Southeast Division location. Little T Division will be open from 7am-5pm on March 17th.