Storyteller Wines’ Friday Night Wine Tasting

From the Storyteller newsletter:

hadenfigYes indeed, there a lot of special holiday meals coming up on the calendar. This Friday night is all about my favorite things to pour for holiday meals. I hope you will like a few of them as much as I do. There will be representatives from Chianti and Rioja along with a brand new Pinot Noir release from Haden Fig. Haden Fig wines are made by Erin Nuccio, the new owner and winemaker at Evesham Wood. One sip of this wine and you will immediately realize Evesham Wood is in good hands!

On top of all of this, we plan on doing something truly monumental on Friday evening. We will be pouring a wine from one of the Willamette Valley’s most beloved winemakers. This is an individual we have written about many times in the Storyteller newsletter. This is a very critically acclaimed wine from the 2007 vintage. This is a wine we sold a whole lot of at forty bucks a bottle. But this winemaker has a few cases left that they would like to clear out before they start releasing their big daddy 2008s. On Friday evening we will be revisiting that wine and offering it up for over under thirty bucks a bottle. Yes, this beautiful, elegant biodynamically produced Pinot Noir will be well over 25% off for this one night. Aren’t surprises fun?

And if you are looking to pick up your Cameron wines, this would be a great evening to mix business with pleasure. Not enough for you? How about a “super pour” of a superb 2005 Barbaresco? Still not enough? How about an opportunity to place your Lillian Syrah orders? Friday night promises to be as busy as it is special. I hope you can join us for a night that will be filled with camaraderie and a whole lot of wine-related surprises. Believe me, this is not a Friday night tasting to miss.