Trans_Port Social Dining Dinner

transportSave The Date 01.16.11

Hello all,

Looking to start the new year off adventurously with an underground supper club excursion!?
We are already working diligently on plans for the first Trans_Port Social Dining event of 2011. Reservations will open early this coming week and stay open until we are full or January 9th, whichever comes first. This is a message to save the date and to pass on a little info about what will be happening on this next dinner party, which will occur Sunday, January 16th at 6:30pm.

We are very happy to announce the collaboration of Ace Troy Pop Art, who will be doing a showing of some of his body of work in the space. We have also commisioned Ace to create tiny, fun pieces of artwork, themed for the evening, that each guest will receive as a party favor.

Levi Hackett of the up-and-coming-bistro Cocotte will be pairing and serving cocktails with the menu. Levi is quite skilled behind the bar and it will be quite enjoyable to pair the menu with his creations. I hope there will be a lot of test batches in the process.

We are also very happy to be hosted by Meredith and Kelley over at Art Department, so happy in fact that we are actually exposing where we will be to the public for the first time. (We are almost jealous of them as their vocations may actually be as fun as ours.)

And of course the Trans_Port team will be creating another menu, custom for this event. More info on the specific menu for January and the cocktails to go with it will be appearing with the invite next week.

Until then, stay excited and I’ll keep busy testing drinks, you know, so you don’t end up with any bad ones. I’m there for you.

Chef Woggs.