The 2nd Edition Has Arrived…Start Stuffing!

Stick a fork in it, the second edition of Portland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces is done! Portland’s food scene was wildly exciting when I published the first edition back in summer 2011, and it’s only gotten more delicious since, so I’ve added 35 new eateries for you to investigate. (And a new Eat Sheet too, for you checklist lovers.)  

Intrepid eaters, pack this meticulously-researched guide to Portland’s very finest locally-owned restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, chocolate boutiques, scoop shops, food carts and specialty markets in your parka pocket, purse/manpurse, glove box or saddlebag, and go!
photo_guidebooksAs you eat your way from one end of the book to the other, you’ll explore over two dozen of Portland’s most charismatic neighborhoods while, yes, stuffing your face (elegantly or otherwise) with the exceptional edibles this good food-obsessed city is famous for.

You’ll also get the skinny on the 10 best annual food events, my top 10 hotel picks (ie: the Best Places to Lay Your Faces), a curated version of my website’s farmers’ markets database, beautiful full color fold-out maps of all 100 places in the book, and helpful indexes that will quickly and easily lead you to the ideal meal, whether you’re looking for Italian food, dessert, late night nosh, kid-friendly spots, or the best places to get a top notch cocktail with your breakfast/dinner.

I’m very proud to be a Portlander, and this book reflects that—those of you who like to know where your food(guides) come from, rest assured that Best Places To Stuff Your Faces was written and printed right here in Stumptown, and all businesses within are locally owned and operated. Being a small businessperson myself, I love that this book is filled with fellow entrepreneurs, and when you buy and use it, you’re investing in all of us. Which seems way more fun than investing in oil, fixer uppers or gold, if you ask me.

SO…ORDER THE 2ND EDITION HERE and all your wildest dreams will come true! (Or, you know, you’ll just get the 2nd edition and a reeeeeally cute Eat Sheet bookmark.)